Aseptic Pilot

Glasgow has an OMVE pilot aseptic processing plant with the capability of delivering clean cold filled (Extended Shelf-Life – ESL) neutral and acidified liquid products. This state-of-the-art unit can replicate aseptic plant manufacturing conditions using direct steam injection (DSI) or indirect heating with the ability to homogenize product upstream or downstream of the heating process. It will allow you to test your formulas for stability, burn-on, flavor loss etc. using the identical manufacturing processes applied in aseptic processing plants.

GCG offers clients the facility to supervise their own confidential pilot trials, with GCG scientists operating the OMVE equipment. Alternatively, our scientists will run your products unsupervised without the need for you to attend.

Unlike some competitive facilities, GCG can also offer expert troubleshooting of products to facilitate solutions to product problems that may become evident during the pilot trial process.

Minimum processing volumes are 6 L per trial batch and we have the laboratory facilities immediately available on site to prepare almost any kind of liquid product for pilot processing. This includes all of the necessary batching equipment; filtered, alkalized and reverse osmosis (RO) water; refrigeration and frozen storage; a comprehensive library of potentially useful food chemicals, proteins, gums, fibers, carbohydrates etc. (and the expert knowledge how to apply them); and the ability to fill products in multiple sized, sterile bottles under a HEPA filtered clean-air hood.

Our scientists are thoroughly trained to operate the OMVE equipment under all practical operating conditions. Having developed some of the most complex and best-selling aseptic products on the market, our team of aseptic product development scientists is on site and available to offer expert consulting as desired to ensure optimal results from your trials.

Our services are assured through decades of experience of developing, piloting and processing these types of products and are fully confidential.

We offer each of our clients:

Exceptional tasting products

Aseptic Pilot Facility

Expert nutrition and cost specifications

Quick project turnaround

Competitive development fees

OMVE Chart

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