Cost Reduction

Glasgow has saved its clients millions of dollars through expert reformulation of their product lines.

We have improved the technical stability and flavor of multiple formulation formats while permitting substantial savings to fall directly to the bottom line by removing or rationalizing ingredients and reducing manufacturing complexity. We will work with you to enhance the flavors and textures of your products while reducing your ingredient and manufacturing costs. Every few cents saved in formulation and production results in a multiplying cascade of improved profit margins and/or lower retail prices.

We offer each of our clients:

Exceptional tasting products

Aseptic Pilot Facility

Expert nutrition and cost specifications

Quick project turnaround

Competitive development fees

What We Do


Glasgow Consulting Group will develop a plan to bring your product concept to manufacturing through bench and pilot development into the final manufacturing...

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Aseptic Pilot Facility Lab

Glasgow has installed an OMVE pilot aseptic processing plant with the capibility of delivering clean cold filled (Extended Shelf-Life -ESL) neutral and acidified, liquid products...

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Glasgow Consulting Group offers nutrition calculations for any food product, recipe or formulation. Computational analysis uses the...

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Glasgow Consulting Group has the depth of scientific education and expertise to be able to offer you consulting help with any issues that your company may be facing in food...

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Our Team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and developing innovative new products.

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